A Personal and Unique Mother’s Day Gift

A unique mother's day gift

Of course, we should be grateful for our mothers every day. However, on Mother’s Day we take a bit of extra time and put some extra effort in letting the women who raised us know they are the best. Now, we know finding a unique Mother’s Day gift can be challenging. So, we thought we’d help you out by making a selection of handmade items that would bring a smile to any mother’s face. Also, we’ve added some tips to make these gifts even more personal!  

Interlocked Oval Handmade Bracelet

Let’s start with a classic, because you can almost never go wrong with jewelry. This handmade silver bracelet comes with a little twist though. Not only is it subtle and elegant, but the two interlocked ovals can be seen as a symbol for the link/bond between mother and child. Make this gift really personal and add a letter in which you tell your mom everything you thank her for to strengthen your bond.

Embroidered Silk Notebook

These handmade notebooks are a great place for your mom to write down her ideas, plans or any information she may want to pass down to her children. However she decides to use it, it would be a nice touch to personalize the notebook for her. So, write down some small messages and compliments for your mom to discover every few pages! It’ll surely bring a smile to her face every time she jots something down.

The Daily Ecru Bag

Here’s one for the conscious mother! This stylish tote bag is made of recycled garments equivalent to five t-shirts. It also has the perfect size to carry around on fun outings. So why not leave a few coupons in the bag for activities such as: a walk in the park, shopping together or going to a museum. Now your mom can enjoy a lovely day with you and with her gorgeous, new bag.

Copper Tea Light Holder

On Mother’s Day, shouldn’t every mother take a mandatory day off? It’s time to relax and take a moment to re-energize. These trendy copper tea light holders aren’t only a unique Mother’s Day gift, they’re also a great addition for a little wellness at home. To really make this unique Mother’s Day gift complete, enjoy this spa day together with your mother! So, light some scented tea lights, put a sheet mask on and enjoy the quiet together while reading a good book. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Handcrafted Kaushalam Teapot

Flowers are beautiful. Unfortunately, they wilt. So, instead of flowers, visit your mother and gift her this Kaushalam teapot with hand-painted flowers! It’ll last much longer than a bouquet and you can immediately enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together. With all that fun catching up, you could even stay and prepare a nice dinner for her.

Mother’s Day may seem miles away, but the time to order is now! Make sure you receive your unique Mother’s Day gift in time and purchase it today. For more inspiration, check out our webshop.

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