Unique Clutches From Indonesia

Clutch indonesia

Once in a while it’s nice to have a break from those big bags we carry around all day … to work … to school … It’s okay to take a clutch with you from time to time. Also take a make up bag with you to put your cosmetics in when your on a holiday. Artisans HennySeashell and Oyeta from Indonesia make stunning and beautiful clutches for women of all ages. Get to know these creative artisans and discover their work!


HennySeashell from Indonesia uses fabric to make her products. It is such a ‘dream come true’. Working and playing blend into one for Henny. Sometimes it’s challenging, but she really enjoys it.

Henny’s ‘sewing studio’ is a sanctuary place for her especially in the morning when her husband is at work and the kids are at school. That’s the best time for her to create with her fabrics. Henny’s family supports her fully with her work as an artisan. By example, Henny uses the bedroom of her sons for sewing. They are so kind to let her use their room. Her daughter is a great quality control for all her handmade works. And her¬†husband is the very important person behind all of Henny’s works. He always encourages her and supports her work.

Look at these pretty clutches!


Oyeta is a new artisan on Discovered and lives in a small house in Bali, Indonesia. Her house faces the rice field and her daughter loves watching the small creatures that live around it, like snails, birds, bugs, ants and butterflies.

Oyeta resigned from her previous job as a guest relation at a five star resort and decided to be a full time mother and housewife. Since a young age her mother taught her to sew. Thus she grew up in a house full of handmade products. Because she loves small pouches and clutches she started sewing them for herself. Soon after that her friends started to order from her.

Have a look at our favorite clutches!

5 tips on how to wear these clutches:

  • Black and white pouches can look amazing when combined well. Luckily, black and white are easy to match with other colors. What will make you stand out is if you wear bright colored dresses like red, yellow, green or cobalt blue.
  • You can also wear pastel colored clothing with the black and white pouch. Go for a soft look and wear a nude, black or white high heel underneath.
  • Make the red clutch a real eyecatcher by pairing it with a statement necklace and wearing neutral colored clothing.
  • Because the red envelope bag has prints all over it wear a dress or catsuit in one color.
  • The soft colored clutches are perfect for a wedding. Wear them with other soft colored pieces, like ivory.

No matter how you combine your pouch it wil look amazing either way. Discover more unique clutches from Indonesia on Discovered!

Happy discovering!