Turquoise: the Discovered color of June!

We’re simply in love with this beautiful color. It wasn’t a hard decision to make turquoise the Discovered color of June! This blend of blue and green makes a refreshing color, but with warm yellowish tones. It reminds us of a beautiful calm sea, sparkling in the warm summer sun. It totally makes sense that this calming color stands for emotional healing and protection.

From a historical perspective, turquoise has always been very important in many ancient cultures. The word turquoise comes from ‘Turkish Stone’, because a gemstone of this color was mined in Turkey and traded to Europe to make unique jewelry. It was a symbol for wealth and growth. It was therefore often used in protection amulets around the world. Still, this feminine shade of blue is often used in jewelry.

Besides jewelry, you’ll find a lot of other artisan goods in this lovely color on the Discovered marketplace like handmade home decor, bags and accessories. Check them out and be inspired!

Unique handmade jewelry

These handmade jewelry look absolutely stunning. These amazing jewels are made in Thailand.

Handmade turquoise home decor

These handmade decor items are useful and look pretty. These amazing products are made in India.

Handmade bags from artisans

Store your stuff in style. These bags are made in Indonesia, South Africa and Argentina.

Unique accessories crafted by artisans in our color of the month

Complete your outfit with these accessories. These goods are made in Indonesia, Bangladesh and India.