It’s a Sign! Traits of Taurus

Traits of Taurus

Every month a different constellation in the zodiac belt gets their time to shine. And so, every month, we’ll select some products that are specifically chosen for what the stars have in store for that sign! This month we take a closer look at the horoscope and traits of Taurus! Follow this series and don’t miss out when your sign comes around! 

Dear Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

In 2019, it seems you might catch a lucky break in the areas of your ruling planet Venus : love and money. Pretty good news for your loyal and materialistic nature. But, that’s not the only good news. April is the perfect time for you to take some much-needed time for your philosophical and spiritual self. It’s not easy to confront your demons and bad habits. But, this year you’ll most likely achieve growth and transformation if you are willing to try. Luckily, we have just the guide to get into a positive headspace.

Finally, the time to initiate successful new projects and business relationships is now! But a word of caution: for success, you must oversee all the work to the very end. This includes the work you delegate. 

Overall, 2019 promises to be quite your year Taurus. On the areas of love, money and business, it seems you’re hitting a homerun. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for a few bumps in the road. Nothing good ever comes without having to pay a price. But this year, you might come awfully close!  

Sterling Silver Taurus Pendant

Leather Spectacle Case 

Team Taurus! Wear your zodiac sign with pride with this beautifully handcrafted sterling silver Taurus pendant. Of course, you can hang the pendant from a variety of jewelry pieces. However, since one of the traits of Taurus is that they house energy in the throat, we advice you to hang it on a necklace. For that little bit of extra positivity! 

This year is looking bright for you Taurus! With such a bright outcome ahead you might want to quickly grab your sunglasses. Make sure they don’t get damaged by saving them in this cool leather spectacle case. Now you can clearly look at the bright future ahead of you. 

Green Yoga Mat Bag

It’s a good year for the Taurus to positively transform. Meditate and take a few extra yoga classes to look deeper within yourself. Since green is a powerful choice for you, carry your yoga mat around in this colorful yoga mat bag.  

Customizable Leather Sleeve

Green Choker with Brass

With business going so well for you this year, you’ve got to make sure you look the part! This awesome leather sleeve is just what you need to set yourself apart from the rest. Besides, it’s customizable in size! So whether you do your business on a tablet or a laptop, there’s really no excuse not to look stylish.

If any item was made to be a perfect fit for the traits of Taurus, it’s this green choker with brass details. Your lucky color is green and your lucky metal is brass. And because it’s worn around the neck, this gorgeously handcrafted item is a triple threat when it comes to boosting the Taurus’ good fortune. This gorgeous green choker might just be your own beautiful lucky charm! 

Did  any of these items pique the interest of your inner Taurus? Or perhaps you saw something for one of your Taurus friends! Whatever the reason, we would love to see how these items look on you! Please share your photos and videos by using #idiscovered or tag us using @dscvrd on Instagram or @discovered on Facebook.