The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Friendship

Let’s take the time today to value the family we chose and to thank them for every laugh and every tear. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to thank someone through the power of gift giving. Seeing as it is National Friendship Day in The Netherlands, a few members of our Dutch Discovered staff have picked an item that perfectly matches their best friend. Read on to discover their unique friendship gifts! 



friendship gifts

friendship gift

I just started studying Graphic Design and Nathalie joined my class one month later. At first, I really didn’t like her, because she started dating the boy I liked. It made me so jealous! We did hang out with the same people back then, but once I started studying Photography we didn’t really keep in touch. A few years later she moved to the same village I lived in and we re-connected. From that moment on our compatibility was through the roof and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

Apart from a few minor personality differences, we’re basically the same person. We share the same philosophies about life, are both extremely weird and share a love for cats. Although her love might be a bit more committed than mine. I’ve already lost her in the city once because she found a cat to cuddle with! So, it speaks for itself that this cute, cat necklace fits her perfectly.

I’ve known this extremely kind girl, and one of the few people who I can stand during road trips, for 10,5 years now. Nathalie, I’m so proud of you and even prouder of how much our friendship has grown!



Narjess and I met during European Studies in The Hague. We both quit after four weeks, because we wanted to be educated about locations outside of Europe as well. After we quit we went our separate ways, but only study-wise. We always kept contact and have been friends for six years now!

friendship gift

friendship gift

I think we’re a good match, because we both have a mixed background. So, we can relate to each other really well. We also have a shared interest for travelling! Therefore, we always have a subject to talk about. But besides talking, Narjess is a great listener. This is something I admire about her very much. Somehow she can always turn somebody’s frown upside down. However, she’s not very good at listening to her own body and always complains that she’s not drinking enough. That is why I want to give her this elegant copper water bottle. This way, she can travel in style and (finally) stay hydrated.

Dear Narjess, we may not be able to see each other as often as I would like, but thank you for always keeping our friendship as solid as it was from day one!



friendship gift


Tess and I played hockey together when we were students in Amsterdam. I believe we’ve known each other for ten years now. But I’m not good at keeping count of anniversaries, so don’t hold it against me. During our friendship, Tess and I really watched each other grow up. We celebrated our first real jobs, saw friends come and go and held each other’s hand through heartbreak. Because of this we know the other to their very core. And therefore, we don’t always have to explain everything to each other, we just know.

For a few months Tess travelled through Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. I was lucky enough to join her on the tail of her trip, which was in Thailand. Since Tess loves to travel so much, I wanted to give her something that would remind her of her journeys. I think these Kaushalam Kitchen Canisters are the perfect reminder. Besides, they would really pop in her supermodern kitchen!

My hope for the future is that our daughters will become as close as we are. Tess is pregnant and her due date falls exactly on my daughter Dieuwertje’s birthday! They’ll only have an age difference of one year, so they can watch each other grow up too.

friendship gift


Joseline and I already knew each other vaguely from our work at the beach. But we became really good friends after we saw each other randomly at a crossroads in Ho Chi Minh City. After a few great nights out, our group decided to move the fun to Thailand so we could go to a Full Moon Party. It was a really spontaneous decision that resulted in our group of five having to sleep in a two-person bedroom. That’s when you really get to know your friends.

Meanwhile, it’s nine years later and we still play a huge part in each other’s lives. Joseline is the reason I picked up my studies again. And when I felt like giving up at times, she always gave me the courage to pick myself back up. You could say she has quite a positive influence on me. This positivity reflects in the item I chose for her. This colorful bucket hat matches her vibrant personality and it would look great on her the next time we party together!



Janina and I met about 9 years ago via our boyfriends, who have been best friends since they were about 5. We connected right away and even ended up being roommates for almost 3 years! Not something everybody would expect, since we are different in many aspects. For example, the way we approach or resolve a situation and even our personalities are pretty different. However, this allows us to look at things from a different perspective. I believe this is exactly where our strength lies!

friendship gift

friendship gift

Of course we don’t differ in every single area. We have more than enough shared interests to balance out our differences. Right now we’re following various gymclasses together. Yoga is one of the favorites so far! Since her yogamat is a lighter blue shade, I thought this stunning blue yoga bag would compliment it well.

Dear Janina, I might be the yin to your yang, but I think that’s exactly what causes our perfect balance!

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