The Beauty and Benefits of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry

It’s dark outside and you look up at the sky. A calm and familiar white glow lights up the night. Of course, The Moon is magnificent. But it is more than just a beautiful presence. You see, The Moon has an astoundingly large impact on the Earth and is, for example, responsible for the push and pull of the tide. Without our Moon, the Earth would be quite a different place.

moonstone jewelry

The mysterious moonstone, with a faint glow that feels almost ethereal, bears a great resemblance to the Moon we can adore every night. It is safe to assume that the Moon is the source of its name, as centuries ago the Romans and Greeks believed that moonstones were crystallized rays of moonlight. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the moonstone is believed to have many of the same positive properties as the Moon itself.

Moonstone Properties

Much like the moon itself, the moonstone carries a soothing and sensual feminine energy. Therefore, the crystal is especially healing for women and can help regain inner balance and fuel confidence. Wearers of the moonstone might feel that they become more accepting of change. A result of the stone’s ability to encourage peace, harmony and a positive outlook on the natural progress of life. Inner balance can, in turn, cause the wearer to become more intuitive about their surroundings.

moonstone jewelry

Because the moonstone cleanses negative energy, it can be especially helpful for wearers who feel they can react overly emotional or even aggressively towards others. The mysterious moonstone promotes a calm mood and aids in productively releasing frustration.

The Moon has no light of its own. Instead, it acts as a beautiful, ethereal looking glass and reflects the light of the Sun. Moonstones share the property of reflection and are a helpful tool for the wearer to enhance their capacity to self-observe and can increase spiritual growth.

Moonstone Jewelry

The moonstone comes with some great benefits for your inner health. But it is also a wonderful gem to compliment your outer beauty. Whether you pick a moonstone ring, necklace or earring, moonstone jewelry comes in many different options. This is because moonstones are very common and, as a result, are not very expensive. Therefore, making moonstone jewelry is a popular way to craft the stone into a wearable item. Moreover, it is said the moonstone helps its wearer retain a youthful appearance.


moonstone jewelry

Because the gem exists in a variety of colors, every piece of moonstone jewelry is one-of-a kind. The clarity can range from transparent to translucent. While, the main color ranges from green, yellow, brown, gray, or pink to completely colorless. Although all moonstones are beautiful, they say the most healing ones are very clear with a heavy and colorful glow.  

Care for Moonstone

Take good care of your moonstone and make sure it retains is natural properties. For moonstones it’s important that you don’t expose them to too much sunlight. If you do, make sure to cleanse your moonstone in streaming water. You can also recharge your moonstone by exposing it to direct moonlight for a few hours. 

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