Thailand happy handcrafted goods

Handcrafted goods from Thailand

We selected handcrafted goods, from three artisans from Thailand for you, which will make you smile. So, sit down and read about these happy handcrafted products! Silver Soul Charms makes absolutely stunning jewelry. Shelltur Phone Cases make super fun phone case. And Ethnic Lanna let their creativity lose with these amazing and colorful bags.

Charming Thai Silver Jewelry with Soul

First of all, for the artisan of Silver Soul Charms it is important to wear something that’s artistic, beautiful and different. Most noteworthy Silver Soul Charms slowly started as a hobby and than turned into a small business. As if today, it even represents an expression. We selected 3 amazing pieces of jewelry which each stand for their own look.

Sustainable & Fashionable Phone Cases

Shelltur Phone Cases makes phone cases – the name already gives it away – in a sustainable but fashionable way. First of all, your iPhone will feel sleek, look good and will also impact the environment in a completely positive way. Due to the phone cases from Shelltur you can own a little bit of nature without taking away from her!

Furthermore these phone cases, made from bamboo and natural/recycled rubber, can not only protect your phone but also the planet. Because his rubber uses over ten times less energy during the manufacturing process. As a result it’s no longer needed to resort to unsustainable rubber and non-biodegradable phone accessories.

As Shelltur Phone Cases says: ”With every phone case purchase, you are directly supporting three vital aspects of our world; fauna, flora and humanity. Most noteworthy, in our bid to protect nature’s creatures, part of the proceeds will go towards the conservation of sea turtles in Wider Caribbean Basin, another towards replanting bamboo forests and third, towards the independent artist who thoughtfully designed your bamboo iPhone case”.

Traditional Thai Fabric Bags

Carlos Mantilla – 42 years old – is the founder of Ethnic Lanna. First of all, Ethnic Lanna started as a desire to give back to the Thai community who he had come to fall in love with while traveling and eventually moving there. Consequently he started shipping products as gifts to loved ones back home and naturally expanded to turning his hobby into a business. Above all, Carlos’ bags are made in conjunction with the artisans. Hence it’s a dual effort.

Almost all of their bags are made from traditional Thai fabrics such as the Batik which is hand stamped using wax resin. Finally, Ethnic Lanna likes to incorporate their own twist to these bags by mixing them with more modern embroidery designs that I’ve created with the artisans.

As a result, we matched the bags with the Shelltur Phone Cases and the jewelry. We hope you like our combo’s!

Thailand: happy handcrafted goods

Even more amazing products from Silver Soul Charms, Shelltur Phone Cases and Ethnic Lanna are available here! To be honest, there are much more Thailand handmade goods on Discovered that will make you happy. All made by talented artisans. So remember, when you buy on Discovered, you buy a unique product with a great story directly from the artisan. So, not only you, but more people will be really happy!