Raise your Fist for Sustainable Fashion From India

Maybe you already discovered those brown and colorful leather bags that are designed and crafted by What Daisy Did. The unique collections can be characterized by timeless styles, functionality and beautiful designs. With these collections What Daisy Did wants to raise her fist against fast fashion and prove that sustainable bags can be amazing!

With their designs, the founders of What Daisy Did, Daisy and Ozric, aim to tackle waste and poverty. The bags are crafted using natural and waste materials, like organic leather and recycled cotton. In addition, the bags are crafted by Indian artisans who lost their jobs as shoemakers, due to the trade shift to China. By providing work and a sustainable income for those Indian artisans, What Daisy Did empowers the workers to take care of themselves and their families.

Q&A With What Daisy Did

Can you describe Whatdaisydid in one sentence?

Ethical and sustainable fashion accessories, like leather bags.

What is the meaning of Whatdaisydid?

The meaning is from us two traveling around the world looking for new artisans and products to sell. We have a blog that follows our travels. The best part of our job is getting to travel all over the world.

That is a great way to start your initiative! Can you tell a bit about the process of making the bags?

We both design the bags and then give the designs to Manish, the coordinator in India. We visit him and his brother every year. Manish gives the designs and orders it to the artisans.

What impact does WhatDaisyDid has on local artisans?

The artisans are skilled leather workers who lost their jobs when the leather shoe trade moved to China because the labor was cheaper. Our business allows them to continue using their skills in a work from a home-based environment where they are paid fair wages and supplied with electricity and the right equipment.

Tell us more about your products!

Our artisans make bags and other accessories. Most people will buy a handbag every season, every year; they buy a bag that is not built to last but just to follow the latest trend. We want to change people’s attitudes about this!

Our Forest collection is made from natural goat leather that is naturally tanned in the sun with vegetable oil. Our Carnival Collection is made from recycled leathers/synthetic leathers. We try to use every scrap of leather, and any leftovers are sold on to a small jewelry making company to minimize waste.

What’s your dream?

We are looking to expand with a couple of new ranges coming out this year, one from tents and canvas chairs left at festivals and one from vintage Persian rugs. In the next few years, we hope to expand further and are looking at going to America and South America to promote our business and to look for new products.


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Raise your fist for Sustainable Fashion with WhatDaisyDid

“Most people will buy a handbag every season, every year. They buy a bag that is not built to last but to follow the latest trend. We want to change people’s attitudes about this!”

That’s why What Daisy Did’s collections include timeless, functional, and beautiful designs.

Raise your fists against fast fashion and buy a sustainable bag from WhatDaisyDid. They prove that sustainable bags are fabulous!

We are happy to have Whatdaisydid on board! We definitely think it’s great to have lasting products which will help us be more sustainable to the environment. We’re looking forward to seeing more and more amazing initiatives like them!