One for Everyone: Gemstone Properties

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Gemstones never really go out of style. But you might be drawn to different types of gemstones at particular moments in your life. Did you know there’s a reason for that? A certain gemstone’s properties might be suited better for you at this time in your life than another. Read on to discover which gemstone suits you at the moment, we’re sure there’s one for everyone! 



The Emerald opens the Heart Chakra, so it’s no secret this stone promotes successful love. Whether you want to gain more balance in your romantic relationship or strengthen your friendship, the Emerald can support you with that. As, it will give you more patience and compassion. Besides promoting love, the Emerald is also a stone of wisdom. It increases your focus and boosts your memory. Not to mention, the soothing nature of this stone heals and vitalizes the spirit. Great for anyone who can use a little push with their work or studies!

The Moonstone is known to have a soothing and sensual feminine energy. Therefore, it’s quite logical that this stone is particularly healing for women. Furthermore, this stone can fuel its wearer’s confidence and create inner balance. Also, wearers of the Moonstone might experience that this gemstone’s properties helps them accept change. This is a result of the stone’s ability to promote harmony, peace and positivity towards the natural flow of life. To read more in-depth information about the Moonstone, click here.

Lapis Lazuli

The beautiful, blue Lapis Lazuli is great for anyone who works with words. Because the stone stimulates wisdom and enhances creativity, it helps create new ideas. All writer’s know, writer’s block is the worst! So, let this gemstone’s properties help you get rid of those annoying blocks.  Furthermore, the Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty and boosts your intellectual ability. These qualities only add up to the communication promoting properties of this stone. But besides that, they also boost your  intelligence and communication skills in a way that might give you success and lasting recognition at your workplace.


The powerful Labradorite has a unique pearly glow that resembles the color of deep waters. Funnily enough, this is almost a foretelling of this gemstone’s properties. Because, for anyone who seeks to become more profound in terms of mind and spirit, the Labradorite can open your third eye chakra. Therefore, it can boost your spiritual growth and helps you connect to higher energies. All these properties make the labradorite a great stone to meditate with.


Feel like you could use all the properties that were just mentioned times ten? In that case, the White Crystal can help you. This is because the White Crystal is a gemstone that amplifies the qualities of other gemstones. Of course, the White Crystal also has some extra properties of its own. In general, the White Crystal is seen as a symbol of light and good fortune. Therefore, it is often used to cleanse spaces, to restore calm and peace and to give protection in the dark.

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