Minimalist Mexican handmade jewelry by Dikua

Work place 2 Mexican handmade jewelry

In this blog we would like to introduce you to Fernanda Ibarolla from Dikua Jewelry in Mexico. She designs and makes extraordinary jewelry.

Known as Dikua

Dikua is the name of Fernanda’s jewelry brand. She wanted a name that is different than her own name because she believes that there are always many people involved in the creation of one piece. For example, the people who recycle the silver and the ones who collect the stones. She feels like it’s not only her work. So with giving her shop a brand name she’s fairer with all those involved in bringing Fernanda the materials which she can work with Dikua comes from a Purepecha word; Tinhindiku – which means ‘adornment’.

About Fernanda

Fernanda Fernanda is 46 years old and mainly works as a jewelry designer. Lately, she also provides spaces for temporary accommodation, known as Airbnb, to supplement her income. But her passion has always been designing and creating. She’s planning to combine her jewelry work with an activity that she loves and has done for years, interior design. In her free time she loves to read, go to the cinema and walk or bike around the city. Fernanda likes to read about arts, history and architecture. That’s why she likes to visit museums. But most of all she prefers to enjoy a good cup of coffee while she reads or draws.

Her background

Her father’s family comes from Michoacán. The town where Purepechas are originally from. Purepechas is a local pre-Hispanic culture. Although they aren’t very well known, they are very interesting. They were the only ones who never been defeated by Spanish conquerors and they are great artisans. Dikua was born after Fernanda worked as an architect for 12 years. She wanted to have more time with her toddler. So she decided to switch from architecture to a profession that would allow her to create and that would fit in her time schedule. Fernanda has always loved jewelry so she started to study how to make it. She wanted to be original and to design her own pieces. So at first, she decided to study alternative jewelry techniques. That’s why she started with resin and textile until she finally tried metal.

Her inspiration

Fernanda likes to imagine and design while she’s resting with a good cup of coffee or tea. “Once I get a new idea many more come to me. And that’s enough to start a new collection”, says Fernanda. She has many notebooks full of ideas that one day will come to light. Making every one of the pieces herself Fernanda works from a tiny workshop at home. Most of them are hand fabricated and a few are handmade using the lost wax process. All her jewelry comes from recycled sterling. In Mexico it is not possible to buy certified recycled metals so she works with a supplier, who recycles the silver from X-rays himself. Work place 3    Work place 4    Work place 5 “Each time I create a piece I imagine what I haven’t done yet and would like to have. I study deeply design, architecture and art history and I try to create a design based on the concept of making a pure shape. From the idea that the form and the structure itself are beautiful without the need of ornaments”, says Fernanda. Many of her pieces are inspired by the work of great creators. She bases her jewelry on a minimal concept of geometrical beauty.

Her dream

“My dream is to be able to live comfortably from what I really love to do. And that is architecture and design. I would like to live in a just and peaceful place where I can move safely, create, see my teenage kid grow up and be able to pay my bills”, says Fernanda. She would love to attend a contemporary workshop in Italy or somewhere else internationally and to participate in the contemporary competitions and exhibitions in Europe.

Jewelry from Dikua

What makes Dikua jewelry special?

According to Fernanda every handmade jewelry is special because it brings a piece of the maker with it. Fernanda states that her jewelry is special because she makes it with lots of love and enthusiasm. She hand cuts and finishes each piece one by one. So even if it’s a design she has already made before, none of them will be exactly equal since most of them are hand fabricated. So each of the pieces have a unique shape. “I like my pieces to be imperfect. I really love the touch that handmade brings to them. Almost all my earrings are a mismatched design. I like designs that stand out from the ordinary”, explains Fernanda.

Her favorites

“There are many favorites at my designs, I don’t like to make stuff that doesn’t like me”, Fernanda says. She loves the mismatched polygon earrings, the disc hoops, the infinite rings and the open rings most.


The best selling piece of Fernanda is the infinite ring. It’s loved by men and women. The resin earrings are also one of the bestsellers since they’re fun and full of color.

Our favorites

On Discovered you can admire all jewelry Dikua has to offer you. But meanwhile we would like to show you our 3 favorite products. Do you want to discover more handmade jewelry from Mexico? Have a look here. Happy discovering!