Meet the Leading Ladies Behind Our Handmade Goods

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There is a story behind all of our handmade goods. Stories that originate from every corner of the world. Stories that are filled with passion and hard work. But most of all, stories that inspire. In anticipation of International Women’s Day, we happily share some of these stories with you, and the protagonists are all-female.

From sustaining ancient-old techniques to redefining traditional products – these ladies know no boundaries. Today we celebrate their entrepreneurship, learn from their intriguing look on life and admire their beautiful work. Continue reading to meet some of our female artisans and get to know their stories.

Thunnuka Tonsakul 

handmade goods by Jeab

As the child of a rice farmer and garment maker, Jeab grew up watching hard and honest work. She would observe her family as they made, sewed and manufactured a variety of items to sell at local markets. The efforts of her family resulted in their production of items for the large markets in Bangkok. All the while, Jeab continued to watch her family’s creativity – it sparked her interest in sewing.

For a long time, Jeab did not pursue her enthusiasm for sewing on a professional level. It wasn’t until ten years ago that she started to sell her creations online. Even then, she regarded her work as more of a hobby. At that time in her life, Jeab took great pleasure in being a stay-at-home mom. But as her daughter grew up and the Internet became easier to use in Thailand, she increased the production of her items.

Jeab creates with everyday use in mind. Therefore, her unique handmade bags and accessories contain convenient slots to put an end to hunting for loose items once and for all. But old-time traditions are not forgotten with these items crafted for modern-life. All materials for these handmade goods are sustainable and sourced in Northern Thailand. In particular from indigenous ethnic hill tribes, which helps support a rich heritage.

Mrinalika Jain

unique items Mrinalika

In the Discovered community Mrinalika, the founder of Kaushulum, has become well-known for her colorful teapots. But, teapots aren’t the only thing in life that she makes brighter. Mrinalika embellishes a variety of home decor items with a splash of color. Her vibrant and original painting-technique is dedicated to the folk, tribal and regional arts all over India and influenced by her home city Jaipur.

All the pieces Kaushulum offers are completely free hand painted. And even though the artisans refrain from using stencils or tracing in the painting process, every finished item clearly showcases utmost precision. Without a doubt, a compliment to their skill. According to Mrinalika, their items are the result of a constant flow of ingenuity and the exposure to different cultures. She hopes the river of creativity will keep on flowing and that Kaushulum will continue to produce new, inventive creations.

Stories of Silver and Silk

unique items designers

When two creative and contemporary women join forces, you know magic happens. Based in Thailand, Lucija, originally from Slovenia, and Joy, a Bangkok native, found each other through a shared passion for design. Silver jewelry has been around for many years, yet Joy and Lucija manage to make us look at the classic adornment from a new perspective.

With their innovative ideas, Joy and Lucija’s main mission is to re-contextualize traditional products. Moreover, they intend to do this while preserving cultural heritage and time-honored ways of life. So, they adapt their designs to the knowledge of local artisans and source regional materials for the manufacturing of all handmade goods. As a result, this helps preserve traditional craft.

Joy and Lucija hope to expand their network of artisans to develop items in other areas of production, such as textiles, woodworking and ceramics. We’re sure they’ll dominate these other areas sooner or later. But for now, we can all enjoy a marriage between the old and the new with their stunning silver jewelry collection.

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