Lovely Decorations Just in Time for Easter!

Easter decorations

It’s time to get ready for Easter! Easter celebrations with the family always call for some extra decorations. Of course, this applies to your home and to yourself. Get inspired by these lovely Easter items and order them just in time for Easter.

Felt Garlands 

These felt garlands will make any home instantly Easter-ready! Take your pick between bunnies, chicks or some lovely bright colors.

Bunny Stud Earrings

These cute bunny stud earrings can be your own little homage to the Easter bunny. Also, they come in silver and gold, so there’s a match for everyone. Decorations don’t just have to be for your home, you know!

Gold Bunny Ring

This gold bunny ring isn’t just adorable, it’s also a unique piece of jewelry. It was part of a collection named “ho is the animal” in which Mai Solorzano, the artisan, was trying to raise awareness about the relationship between human beings and animals. The shape of the ring is a square simulating a cage but is open at one corner. So, the animal is out and who is in?

Handmade Kaushalam Teapot

The eggs don’t have to be the only things with a vivid splash of paint during Easter! This hand-painted Kaushalam teapot is perfect for serving tea during an Easter brunch.

Crochet Basket

Do something different this year and present your eggs in this lovely mini crochet basket. It doesn’t matter if the eggs are made of chocolate or not, the presentation will definitely be cute and original.