Colorful Kenya

For today’s blog, we travel all the way to the African continent to let you explore surprising Kenya. Serengeti plains and unforgettable safaris, Maasai warriors, Kenyan handmade goods, and beautiful beaches; there is so much to admire about this incredible country. Kenya is full of warm-hearted locals and breathtaking landscapes that have the power to stop you in your tracks. Quite often when you think of Africa, you imagine sweeping Savannah deserts and an abundance of wildlife. This is Kenya!

Fall in love with Kenya

Kenya Masai Sunset Handicraft Artisan handmadeAccording to Liza, the founder of Women of Faith Bags, it’s easy to fall in love with this beautiful country. She describes: “Actually I only need one word to describe Kenya: colorful! In every sense of the word! Have you ever seen the cover of the Lion King movie? With the red sky and yellow sun? This is exactly how the sky in Kenya looks like at sunset.”

“In addition, also during the day colors are more brightly than anywhere else! With a clear blue sky, green fields and orange soil. Besides the environment, also the people are colorful, from the inside as well as outside! Dressed in beautiful African fabrics, or wearing the flamboyant Masai pieces of jewelry made out of small beads. As I said, colorful!“


Kenyan handmade goods spread happiness

Like nature and the people, Kenyan handicrafts are very colorful. The colors make you smile as bright as Kenyans do. With their amazing smiles, they are known as one of the happiest people on earth and this is reflected in the beautiful handmade goods they make. Colorful designs with beads and prints show the creativity and talent of the Kenyan artisans.

Lucille Nyikuri truly admires this in Kenyan artisans. She tells: “The greatness of Kenya lies in the scenic sites and the outstanding creativity of our artisans. I had the opportunity to be part of the process of crafting Cufflinks.The process included creating the plastic mould, casting it to brass and electroplating it to silver. Every step in the process is done by hand. The outcome was simply breathtaking.”

Yes, Kenyan handmade crafts are breathtaking! Discover it yourself by checking out the handmade goods made in Kenya by Women of Faith Bags and Lukagwa.

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The best Kenyan travel tips

Kenya is colorful, with beautiful nature, wildlife and people. It the perfect holiday destination, since there is always something new to explore. Lucille Nyikuri from Lukagwa shares her favorite Kenyan spots with us: “As one drives down to Naivasha you are welcomed by the beautiful sight of zebras grazing by the roadside. As if that isn’t enough the hidden islands at the Coast and Nyanza are a sight to behold. Just to name a few like Wasini, Shela and Rusinga. The sandy beaches and sumptuous seafood will ensure you keep going back.”

kenyan masai artisan handmade goods kenyan the land of artisan handmade goods kenyan the land of handmade goods and a lot of zebras kenyan handmade goods and a couple of giraffes