Kenya beaded jewelry made by hand

Kenyan beaded jewels are a passion for Kenyan residents. Beaded bracelets, necklaces, head adornments worn mainly for their beauty, can also tell much about relationships, special events and customs. Beaded jewelery is not only an evolving and sophisticated fashion, but also tradition.

Discover beaded jewelry

Beaded jewelry go with any outfit. It doesn’t matter, when or where, I am always in for wearing a nice piece of jewelry. If they go nice together I like to throw on some more jewels. It’s great to combine them all.

We want you to look fabulous! Therefore we put together our favorite items for you. You can match the handmade jewels with other jewelry and add that to a simple outfit to upgrade it. So have a look at these unique diverse beaded jewelry that are handmade by the talented artisan Na Heri from Kenya.

These Kenyan beaded jewels are perfect for this season. The bright orange color makes you ready for summer. Also they give you the extra pop of color you need in your outfit. You can wear only one piece to make a statement. But you can also go for another look and combine the necklace, bracelet and earrings because they work so well together.

Masaai beaded jewelry

Kenya has 42 tribes, the Maasai is probably the most well-known Kenyan tribe around the world. They are known for their verve for traditional and cultural ways of life. This ethnic tribe is located in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania and comprises of Nilotic semi-nomadic people with passion for their ancient traditions. For many years, the Maasai have resisted the forces of modern civilization with undivided preference for their pastoral and traditional way of life.

Are you someone that thinks all colors are pretty? And do you dare to wear them all at ones? Then these Kenyan beaded jewels are the perfect match for you. These have so many colors in them and they still look great. Maybe you want to make the jewels stand out? Then you can rather dress yourself down in a white dress. You can also wear a pair of jeans and a bright colored top … so that your jewels will complement them! If you only wear the bracelet or necklace it can give enough addition to your look. Either way you will look great in these!

Eye catching beaded jewelry

Aren’t these handmade Kenyan beaded gold and black jewelry just eye-catching? Hence these are fitting for either any special occasion or a casual meeting. Since this choker stands out on its own you won’t need much. Most of all you will make heads turn when you walk by because these are here to make you look great!