It’s Time for Some Me Time

Man performs yoga pose on rock in the sun

Sometimes it all becomes a bit too much. On those days, you just want to sit at home and be by yourself… and that’s ok! You don’t have to feel physically ill to need a day off. Occasionally, the mind needs a break too. You are the best judge of whether or not you need to take some time for yourself. In case you really need it, but don’t know how to calm the mind: we have some tips on how to focus on yourself for a day. Let’s learn to be a little kinder to ourselves and spare the time to invest in our mind, body and soul.

Step One: Soothe the Mind

Step Two: Calm your Sight

Start the day by lighting up some incense to calm your mind. The soothing smell of incense will help put you in a relaxed state. It’s perfect to get into a more positive headspace. Grant yourself a little extra happiness and purchase an incense holder that brings you joy. For me, this incense holder with delicate flower-shaped design does the trick.

Close the curtains and turn off your lights. Now, light up the room with some small tea lights. This is not as straining on the eyes as unnatural light sources. Besides, the flickering of fire has a way of calming anyone down. It’s extra mesmerizing if you have a tea light holder with a unique carving. As this will cause the light to have a hypnotizing effect. 

Step Three: Make yourself Comfortable

Take a comfortable position with a special relaxation cushion. Such as a traditional Thai triangle meditation pillow. Either lie with your back against it or take a high seated cross-legged position. Or do something completely different, as long as you feel comfortable! 

Step Four: Breathe

Step Five: Transfer your Thoughts 

A Tibetan Singing Bowl can be the perfect support to easily enter a meditative state or to focus on deep breathing. The deep, resonant sound of the singing bowl works almost hypnotic and is bound to send your thoughts to more relaxing places. Don’t worry if you’ve never used a Tibetan Singing Bowl before; you can learn how to right here.

Take the time at the end of this day to collect your thoughts. How do you feel right now? Is there anything in particular that you want to remember about this meditative session? Perhaps your day of zen has given you a bout of inspiration. Write down any ideas or thoughts you want in a special notebook. This is a good technique to empty your mind at the end of any day. Just put pen to paper, allow yourself to reflect for a five minutes and then let it go. 

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