Celebrate with us: it’s King’s Day!

King's Day Orange Mist

We love to share traditions from all over the world with you. Especially from the countries where many of the artisans who sell on Discovered are based. But today, we’re doing things a little differently. Because Discovered is a Dutch company, we thought we’d share one of our traditions with you. So, come celebrate with us on King’s Day! 

What’s in a Name

Once a year, every year, everyone and everything in The Netherlands is completely orange. No, it’s not for soccer. It’s to celebrate the birthday of our ruling monarch, also known as King or Queen’s Day. So, why the color orange? You see, orange is the national color of the Netherlands and the surname of our royal family (House of Orange-Nassau). Currently, the ruling monarch of The Netherlands is King Willem-Alexander. Because of him, we currently celebrate King’s Day in The Netherlands. But, it used to be Queen’s Day for decades. And it will be so again, once his daughter Amalia, the Princess of Orange, is crowned Queen.

King's Day in Amsterdam

Save the date

King's Day on The Dam

So, it’s probably clear by now that this national holiday has quite a fluid nature. Not only the name changes every now and again though! Since we celebrate the birthday of our ruling monarch, with every new King or Queen, the date changes as well. This often causes some awkward situations for tourists, who often show up completely dressed in orange on a date where we no longer celebrate King’s Day! So remember, for now, we celebrate King’s Day on the 27th of April.

Go play outside

So, as I said, King’s Day mostly takes place on the streets! Traditionally, people scour their homes for anything that they want to sell. They reserve a place on the street, sometimes as early as 3 days ahead, to sell these items. So, you’ll probably see sidewalks covered in tape or chalk with the word “bezet”, which means that particular spot is taken. This results in lively markets on every busy street in The Netherlands. These markets are almost always accompanied by music acts and people selling street food and beverages.

Monarchs also out on the street as they celebrate with the people. They usually play traditional games and speak with everyone. Every year they go to a different place in the Netherlands and this year they will be visiting Amersfoort. In case you want to catch a glimpse of the royals, shake hands or even have some small-talk with them. King’s Day is the day!

King's Day Willie and Max

Day and Night

Before there is King’s Day, there is the more adult-oriented King’s Night. King’s Night is all about gathering with friends, live music and lots of beer. All the street parties are organised and financed by the government and usually end at about 1 AM. Just in time to wake up fresh for King’s Day. Although, most people drink loads of beer during the day too.

Do you happen to be in The Netherlands on the 27th of April? Show us how you celebrated King’s Day! Share your photos and videos with us by using #idiscovered or tag us using @dscvrd on Instagram or @discovered on Facebook. 

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