The Influence of Stunning Sunstone Jewelry

sunstone jewelry

It lights up all our days and makes us feel warm inside. The importance of the Sun has been known for generations. Through its rays of light, the Sun provides us with warmth and vitamin D, which gives us energy to push ourselves a little bit more throughout the day. Without the sun, life on Earth would most likely cease to exist. So, it makes sense that the Sun has been celebrated by humanity for centuries.

sunstone jewelry

sunstone jewelry

Sunstones carry the heat of the Sun in their warm hues, which ranges from yellow to red. They’re blindingly beautiful, almost as if you’re staring at the Sun. And just like the Sun, they can bring light into our lives with their positive properties. 

Sunstone Properties

Sunstones spread good vibes and positivity. So, they can make you feel very energetic. Of course, this is an especially good feature for anyone who is trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle with more exercise. Moreover, this growth in energy can make you a more outgoing person, which is excellent for your social life. The positivity doesn’t end there, as the sunstone is a great reliever of stress. Whether it’s caused by work or by a personal situation, we all have those moments when everything becomes a bit too much. In these situations, the sunstone can increase mental clarity.

The sunstone isn’t only a positive influencer for your inner health, it can also indirectly affect your environment. Because the sunstone brings out your hidden talents and interests it helps you break binds with people that keep you from being your authentic self. Furthermore, the sunstone enhances your intuition and makes it easier for you to bring dishonesty to light. This makes it easier to let people go who no longer have your best interest at heart.

Sunstone Jewelry

Sunstones come in a variety of colors, which makes it a good fit for both silver and gold jewelry. Therefore, sunstone jewelry is a great match for anyone. If you prefer to wear a sunstone ring, be mindful of which hand you wear it on. If you wear the ring on your receptive hand, which is usually the opposite of the hand you write with, the sunstone can help to fulfill your own needs or desires. In contrast, if you wear the ring on your other hand the sunstone can help you send healing energy to others.  

sunstone jewelry

sunstone jewelry

Sunstone jewelry is generally seen as an easy way to wear the sunstone as a good luck charm. You see, sunstones can help you attract more prosperity into your lives. Therefore, it is also seen as an essential stone for people who hold a leadership position. Moreover, the sunstone reduces feelings of rivalry and selfishness in the wearer, which are also great qualities for a person with a guiding function.

Care for Sunstone

If you want to make sure that your sunstone doesn’t lose its energy, you should recharge it in the Sun every now and then. The best time to do this is at noon, when the Sun starts to give its strongest light. Also, fire generally doesn’t like water. So, make sure you don’t wear your sunstone jewelry during activities where it might become wet!

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