Unique housewarming gifts

Houswarming gift

Moving to a new home is very exciting! Most important, it marks a new phase in your life: a fresh start and lots of new opportunities. So certainly this special moment has to be celebrated with new home decor items.

While your friend is adjusting to her new place you have a perfect opportunity to give her something unique and personal that will help her remember this special moment. It can be rather difficult to find a useful housewarming gift for someone, especially if you want to give something unique. But when your friend invites you to her new home, you don’t want to come empty handed and you don’t want to give her something dull she will never use.

Due to the fact that your friend can always count on you for choosing the most amazing presents, gift her something that’s for a good cause, looks fabulous and is still useful. On Discovered you can find some unique housewarming gifts that has all that. We’re happy to help you picking the right gift, so we’ve selected some goods that are both useful and unique.

To be sure your gift arrives in time, order it a few weeks in advance. The products you buy on Discovered are sent to you by the artisans making them – in most cases straight from their workshop directly to your doorstep. So shipping will take some time. But hey, as we all know; unique things take time.

Some unique kitchen decor

First of all, there is a pretty big chance that some of the kitchen stuff is damaged while moving. Because the glasses weren’t wrapped properly and the bowls fell from the kitchen counter and broke into a million pieces. Due to that you can never go wrong with unique kitchen decor as a housewarming gift. Head on to our webshop to discover more unique and handmade kitchen decor.

Gifts for a cozy home

These gifts are useful and still stylish. They make your friends house a true home. Seems like these products can be placed anywhere. A blanket to decorate the couch or put on a bed. The sitting hammock can be a great item for the living room but also fits on almost every balcony and garden. Make anyone happy with these handmade goods by artisans from other countries. Finally, check out more amazing handcrafted gifts by creative artisans on the marketplace.