Handmade products for a perfect picnic!


It’s almost summer! I just love this time of the year. It’s time to go outside and organize a picnic. A gathering of friends and family somewhere in the park, on the beach (it doesn’t really matter where) near a lake. A place to share food, drinks and great stories.

Just take some pieces of fruit, some prepared sandwiches and healthy juices with you. Call friends and family. Look for a great spot, sit down and enjoy your picnic. And make your picnic more special by using some handmade items. Your friends will love them!

I’ve selected some handmade items which will make your picnic perfect.

Have a look at our colourful picnic blankets.
Doesn’t it make you happy?It surely sets us in the mood for summer!

Take all your stuff in a great big handmade bag! I found these ones for you. And I don’t just wear them to carry stuff around. Take them with you every day.

Are you also worried that drinks may spill with children running around? Well, you can avoid that with these cute tea glass sets, because they come with matching cups and a cup holder. A tray comes in handy too for holding drinks. No stress! Don’t settle for less.
Enjoy summer!