Handmade Porcelain Items by Midori Collective

Midori Collective was founded by Roshni Merchant and Pritpal Singh. It was born out of a need to create something beautiful; to build collections that marry functionality with an appreciation for the art form. To break away from a world of digital chaos and have an appreciation of the real. The result? Lovely handmade porcelain items for your home and for you. Read on to discover the world of Midori.

Creating Memories

Nothing is more exciting than seeing an idea take shape and transforming it into something that can align itself to the end-user. What could be more rewarding than having a piece of your work acknowledged by being a part of someones everyday life? Of course, a home is very personal, and in the end it’s the people who make it what it is. But, home decor plays a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic of homes. Every little object, art piece and heirloom scattered around a home, embodies a story through their material and cultural references. Not to mention, the personal stories that each item has.

The core idea of our handmade porcelain items stems from nostalgia. Everyone has that little drawer, shoebox or trunk where they hide away things they most adore. Such as, old photographs, postcards and lockets; treasures retrieved from the past that hold vivid memories. Certain objects, places or even smells can trigger an association; they can evoke memories or create references. In the end, we hope that our handmade porcelain items become those little finds that people can link their own memories or stories to.

Between Art and Design

Inspired by quirky culture, literature and pop art; our concepts have a magical quality to them that give you the idea that anything is possible. The products lie on a fine line between art and design. This is also one of the reasons why we fell in love with porcelain, as it mimics a white canvas to express ideas in 3D form. Porcelain has the ability to carry a memory, a character; remembering every touch. Not to mention, it has the translucency of glass and is sonorous after firing. Although, we must say that it is very difficult to handle porcelain compared to other clay bodies. It’s like sculpting or throwing with cream cheese!

Each working day starts with observation, imagination and execution. We work with an approach that puts the human experience at the beginning of the design process. Therefore, we frequently sketch ideas to help translate our thoughts into visual stories. After that, other than cramming thoughts into a notebook, what we find most helpful is putting together a mind-map of words to arrive at a concept. In conclusion, we go through a series of steps from prototyping to testing and multiple rounds of design iterations before a new handmade porcelain item is achieved.

Everyday Rituals

Everyday, we work on expanding our collection in home decor and fashion accessories. One way we’re doing this is by introducing new materials and stories to the world of Midori. Most importantly, we hope to generate employment opportunities, collaborate with niche curated stores and be a part of physical retail boutiques within the next five years.

While we try to achieve all this, there are days where we have to rest a bit. On these days we love to gather with friends and family to make music and play board games, for instance. This is usually during the weekend or whenever time permits. However, every time is different. One of the reasons for this is that we like to deliberately incorporate a disruptive routine.  In other words, we do the exact opposite of what we would normally do. This way we can break away from everyday rituals and find new ways of looking at things.

Bangalore, India

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