Handmade garden decoration – spring

The sun is shining and the birds are singing: Spring is in the air! This means it’s time to go outside to enjoy the sun: Reading a book in the morning sun. Or late night dinners with your friends on warm summer evenings. The best place to spend these spring moments is in your own garden or balcony! Especially, when your garden is decorated with the most beautiful handmade garden decoration.

To make your garden spring proof, we highlight some unique garden decor goods from the Discovered artisans. With these garden decor items, you surely give a personal touch to your garden!

Handmade pillows for your garden

We simply love pillows. Don’t you? You can never have enough. Either for in your living room, bedroom or for your garden. Handmade pillows are the perfect item to add some color to the place! Oh, and not to forget: they are so comfortable! Below you can find some of our favorite cushions handmade by artisans all over the world

Pink floral handmade garden pillow Handmade embroidered garden pillow Spring Garden Pillow

Pretty handmade plant baskets and pots

If you think of a garden, you probably think of flowers. At least that is what we first thought of! Besides planting beautiful roses and marigolds in your garden, you can also plant them in unique baskets and or recycled plant bags. Handmade baskets like these make your garden just a bit more unique than the garden of your neighbor.


Handmade garden decoration inspiration Handmade garden decoration inspiration handmade garden decoration inspiration

Get a custom handmade hammock!

If you’re in the sun, you want to be as comfy as possible. That’s where a unique handmade hammock comes in! We especially love the sitting hammocks handmade by Hamanica.

Handmade sitting hammock handmade sitting hammock handmade hammocks white artisanmade