Handmade fair gifts for on your wishlist

Handmade fair gifts

At Discovered, you can choose from a myriad of handmade fair gifts.  With so many fantastic artisan objects available in a click, making a choice can be somewhat overwhelming. To help guide you in your discovery of our marketplace products, we’ve created a list of 8 must-have fair trade products for you!

What is fair trade? Today it has become hip and trendy to make sustainable, ecological and socially responsible choices: restaurants serve organic foods, shops sell fair-trade products and second-hand markets are popping up everywhere.  But what really is fair trade? trade means the product is produced with respect to both people and the planet. Those involved in the creation of fair-trade products receive fair wages and work in safe and healthy conditions. Discovered aims to go one step further: we believe people can change their lives through business. Through the marketplace, you connect directly to the artisans and their unique handmade goods. This way, not only do you help increase the wages of the people in developing countries, but you also help guarantee that they receive the full price of the product they created. It’s all about enabling and giving power to the artisans!

1. A Beautiful Statement Necklace With a beautiful statement necklace like this, you can really give a special touch to your outfit, making everything your wear unique.  

Turquoise Lightweight Paper Bead Necklace

2. A Big Handmade Tote Bag You can’t live without a fair trade bag like this. This tote bag is made of recycled rice sacks and is perfect for work, short trips and grocery shopping!

3. A Unique Painted Tea Pot This painted tea pot is a great eye catcher for birthdays and other parties. All your friends will ask where you found it and start Discovering themselves.

Handpainted teapot

4. A Warm Handmade Scarf When it’s cold outside, you’ll need a scarf to keep you warm. The handcrafted scarf is a bright must-have accessory on grey and cold days.

Handwoven scarf

5. A Cute Pouch A fair trade pouch is a must have. You can use it for everything: a wallet, an on-the-go makeup bag or a pencil case. You can even use it as a small clutch for nights out or simple strolls and walks.

6. A Gorgeous Simple Bracelet with Beads Compliment all of your outfits in a subtle and beautiful way with this beautiful beaded bracelet.

7. A Comfy Boho Pillow What is better than coming home, jumping on your couch and snuggling up to a big, soft and colorful pillow like this?

8. A Unique Laptop Sleeve If you need to carry around your laptop, do it with style. Show off with this eye-catching fair trade laptop sleeve!

Can’t choose a gift? Buy a Discovered giftcard!

The giftcard offers the opportunity to pick your present out of an unique collection of handmade products from all over the world. You get a great handmade product with a beautiful story, the artisan gets a better income!