Handcrafted Hmong Bags by Changnoi

My name is Narissara and in 1990 I was born in a small village named Ban Hong in the Lampang Province of northern Thailand. When I was young, I already loved being creative. So, I drew pictures of everything I saw in my backyard. I think this creativity eventually led to me making handcrafted Hmong bags for a living!

The First Steps

When I was 24 years old, after I got married, I was determined to move to Chiang Mai with my husband. At the time, my daughter was going to be born any minute. And so, I wanted to use my love of art to help my husband support our family. So, I decided to learn more about handcrafting handbags, wallets and clothing. I was taught many things by the master of leather in Chiang Mai. Therefore, I am able to create any product that comes from my imagination.

For new designs I always focus on the Hmong Hill Tribe style; I love to keep the culture alive.

Fabric Fascination

I often go to the market to gather materials for my handcrafted Hmong bags. For new designs I always focus on the Hmong Hill Tribe style; I love to keep the culture alive. Because the Hmong style and their authentic fabrics are very inspiring! The color and texture of the fabrics are so unique. I actually remember it very clearly when I first saw them at the Hmong market. It gave me the inspiration to start selling handmade Hmong bags.

Thank You

I pour all my passion into every item I make and I truly think that’s the secret to making beautiful items. Depending on the style, it can take me up to 2-3 days to finish a handmade Hmong bag. And on my days of, I like to spend time with my family! Finally, I want to say that I’m so thankful for every customer that helps support what I love to do and my village. I hope you are happy to support me as artisan!

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Mueang, Thailand