Handcrafted bags from Israel for a better world!

Handcrafted bags from Israel

Nowadays you can recycle by upcycling. Like our artisan Naveh from Israel did with his handcrafted bags! Especially relevant recycling has three important benefits. First of all you need less new natural resources, therefore for example less trees has to be cut for paper or there is less petroleum needed to produce plastic. Also there is less agricultural land needed for the production of for example wood or cotton. Hence there will be more land available for food production. Finally the reuse of materials cost way less energy than producing them for new as a result the emission of greenhouse gasses decrease.

Upcycled bags

Naveh from Israel, starter of the project: Upcycling by Milo produces handcrafted goods by reusing materials. He started this project in 2006 while travelling to Indonesia. In addition he benefits crafters, the environment and himself.

Due to the help of six other talented helpers Naveh has designed and developed hundreds of different unique products during the past ten years. Also all the products from Upcycling by Milo are handmade in his studio.

Naveh and his team make handcrafted bags of all shapes and sizes. We have put our favorites underneath for you. And check out Upcycling by Milo on our marketplace and find something that suits you!

Handcrafted bags from Israel

Probably these handcrafted bags from Israel will draw everybody’s attention at first sight and will be so fun to wear. Can you already imagine yourself walking in a bright red dress and wearing one of these bags? Seems like no no one else will walk with the same bag as you, because Naveh bags are all unique and one of a kind. How fun is that?

Mini crossbody bags

While I’m getting tired of wearing big and heavy bags I see more and more women carrying around mini bags. Seems like that’s just enough to fit a mobile phone and a wallet in. Rather go for these mini bags if you have less stuff to carry around and feel free. Black and white goes with almost any outfit! So wear these mini crossbody bags once in a while. As a result you get don’t get tired as much as usual.

Upcycled Laptop Bags

Probably you wouldn’t want to destroy your gorgeous outfit with those standard laptop bags. But who says that laptop bags can’t look pretty? So, don’t give yourself in so easily by carrying those boring grey or black laptop bags. Go for a handmade and fun laptop bag instead!

In conclusion check out the amazing stuff Naveh and his team create and contribute to saving the environment by buying recycled handmade products.