It’s Spring! Five Must-Have Items for a Picnic

picnic items

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the Sun is shining; Spring is in the air! Nothing beats leaving those winter coats at home and taking the time to enjoy the lovely weather. And what better way to savor the wonderful weather than a picnic! We’ve picked the perfect picnic items to use for a feast of food in the gentle Spring Sun.

Upcycled Newspaper Bag

This gorgeous and unique bag is woven with old newspapers. Because the newspapers have been repurposed to create a bag, it’s is a really conscious choice! But besides that, it’s also a beautiful statement piece and an easy way to carry all those yummy snacks!

picnic items woven bag

Hammered Copper Bowls

Of course, you need a place to present all that delicious food. These beautiful copper bowls will definitely make any type of food look scrumptious! And just imagine the faint glow of Spring sunlight reflecting off of these beauties. Very stylish!

picnic item

Mandala Blanket

Whether you’re going to sit on a patch of grass, a sandy beach or any other landscape, it’s always nice to keep your clothes clean. This round mandala blanket will make sure you don’t get any grass stains or sand in your clothes. However, this blanket is not only functional, it’s also absolutely stunning. The mandala pattern and bright ombré effect will definitely put you in a Springtime mood.

picnic item


Hammered Copper Water Bottle

Don’t forget to drink, while you’re eating all that tasty finger food! We think this hammered copper water bottle is a gorgeous reminder to stay hydrated. Fill it up with your favorite drink and every time it catches your eye, be sure to take a sip.


Embroidered Cotton Napkins

Eating with your hands is great, but it can also get a little messy. Don’t worry, these embroidered napkins made of organic cotton have got you covered. Easily clean yourself up and avoid wasting loads of paper!

picnic items

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