Festival look with handmade accessories

Festival look with unique handmade accessoires

Festival season started! The main reason to go to a music festival is of course to see the cool bands and other artists. There are several other reasons that are very important as well. Think of laying in the sun, the relaxed atmosphere, the good food and the opportunity to dress up!

Creating the best festival look if truly fun! From boho, to hippie & biker, the Discovered artisans are true masters in creating cool accessories. Here you’ll discover unique handmade accessories that will add some uniqueness to your outfit. Check them out!

Festival look 1: Boho summer

The first festival look is boho summer. Compliment your crochet dress with a romantic headband or a pair of amazing earrings. Don’t forget to wear your big gemstone ring or even dear to combine a few. This is as boho as it can be. Finally, of course you don’t want to dance on regular flipflops. Try on a pair of these barefoot sandals.

Festival look 2: A colorful world

If you go to a sunny summer festival, you can’t go without a colorful outfit. Combine some beaded bangle bracelets with a pair of unique statement earrings. Big colorful earrings give your look an ethnic touch or go for a Indian inspired sling bag that is handmade by a talented artisan. Most important about this look: don’t be afraid to stand out with beautiful bright colors!

Festival look 3: The biker girl

Going to a rock or indie music festival? This is the perfect opportunity to dress up like a true biker girl. This look is probably the most comfortable, wearing a pair of (short) jeans, your favorite t shirt and some biker or rain boots. To personalize your biker look, you should go for some handmade silver jewelry and a unique backpack with a print.