Discover the beautiful diversity of Argentina

For this weeks blog we travel to a continent we haven’t been before. After Africa and Asia, we’re heading to Latin America.. For this blog we visit Argentina!

Argentina has a lot to offer: from the high mountains of the Andes to metropolitan cities like Buenos Aires. Eating the best grilled beef, drinking cocktails, exploring the coastlines and dancing the Tango in the late afternoon sun, you’ll never be bored while discovering this amazing country.

Get inspired by Argentina’s diversity

When we asked our artisans to tell us about Argentina, they both started talking about the great diversity of the country. Barbara, founder of Bicibybar, mentions the cultural diversity: “Argentina is a combination of multiple customs and culture. As a immigrant based country, you can find influences of European culture as well as the native people which enriched Argentina’s culture.”

But not only the culture is diverse, the nature knows a lot of variety as well! Maria, founder of mai solorzano, explains: “In Argentina you’ll find big diversity of surroundings like white snow landscapes, icebergs, forest, deserts, beaches, mountains and way more! Don’t forget to travel through Iguazu falls, Bariloche forest, Ushuaia iceberg, Pinamar dunes and the seaside. They are definitely worth a visit!”

Barbara totally agrees with Maria on this point: “Diverse in nature, Argentina is a welcoming country that offers beautiful wild beaches to great mountains as well the incredible subtropical forest where you’ll find the incredible Iguazu Falls. That’s why I believe Argentina is a great source to find inspiration to create amazing goods.”

Meet the locals in Argentina and explore the country

The culture and nature of Argentina is great in it’s beautiful diversity, but if you ask what visitors like most about the county, almost everyone will say that they love the Argentinian people.

According to Maria, “it’s good to know that Argentinians are very dramatic. They gesticulate and scrim a lot: everything is “fantastic”! Everyone is either a “genius”, a “goddess” or a “professor”. If something is bad it’s “biiiig shit” or people even say; “I want to commit suicide”.”

She continues: “What also characterizes the Argentinians is that we love tourist! So if you come and visit Argentina they will probably guide you to every place and soon you’ll find friends to go out.” How cool is that! Can you imagine visiting Argentina and meeting a local who would love to be your private guide :). We would definitely like to discover the country in this way!

Barbara indicates another characteristic of the Argentinians: “The people from Argentina have an entrepreneurial spirit and talent, due to the conditions to create with multiple noble materials and the inspiration from the multicultural scene. From food to fashion design you can find great artists all over the country.”

Artisan travel tips to discover Buenos Aires

If it comes to food, art and fashion, Buenos Aires is the place to be! Maria gives you some tips when visiting the city: “Of course Buenos Aires is a cosmopolite city and you can find  a lot of art, crafts and fun. My favorite places in Buenos Aires are MALBA museum, PROA museum and the Palermo neighbourhood.” And when it comes to food “one of the things you definitely can’t mist is the ‘asado’ a piece of cow meat cooked on the ember. Also, try ‘mate’ that is kind of tea and order a cup of ‘dulce de leche’, which is sweet milk.”

Finally, we asked Maria what she likes most about Buenos Aires and she answered: “I love that people love to live outside! Almost every bar or cafe in Buenos Aires has its own terraces and the parks are full of people. Even at winter people go for a run or take a walk. I love that even if it’s a big city you can walk almost everywhere under the trees: Buenos Aires has a lot of green and there are big sidewalks. Oh, and I also enjoy there are four seasons: summer is very hot, spring very rainy, winter very cold and in autumn you can walk on the lives.”

Unique Argentinian handmade goods

While discovering Argentinian handmade goods, it’s amazing to see the creativity and acquaintance of the artisans that reflected in the products. Argentinian handmade goods are colorful, modern and slightly different. Discover the unique products of Bicibybar and Mai Solorzano and pick your favorite!