Designing Home Decor Items with Veebee Design Studio

Meet the Artisan

Hello, my name is Ishu Agarwal. I’m 27 years old and the founding artisan of Veebee Design Studio. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. For instance, while my online shop is filled with colorful items, my favorite color is actually grey. And when I’m not busy inside the studio you’ll find me painting, sketching or doodling. Basically, I love to keep my hands busy. After all, being creative and designing is my passion. Which is exactly the reason why I started a business designing home decor items inspired by a rich Indian heritage.


How It All Started 


I attended the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology and earned my degree as a textile designer in 2016. After this I started working as a textile designer for a design agency. However, in 2017 I felt the need to focus more on my true interests. So, I quit my job and started freelancing. By doing this I was able to focus on designing home decor items and I started my very own design studio: Veebee Design Studio.


Love for the Craft


One of the many reasons I love crafting home decor items, is because the job is quite effortless. At least, when you’ve put so much time and practice into it, it is. I love to take the time to hone my skills by using different types of techniques to shape my designs. For instance, when I make patterns I’m currently a big fan of fabrics manipulation, handweaving and block printing. When I use these techniques I think the patterns and prints I fashioned come out really well.


Keeping Traditions Alive


My inspiration comes from many things: travelling, looking at buildings and noticing patterns. But, I’m always inspired by the rich cultural background of the world. Eventhough my designs are inspired by many different cultures, the techniques I mainly use are actually traditional forms of Indian textile art. As mentioned before, I love to use the block printing technique. This is actually a centuries old tradition, which I’m proud to contemporize in my designs.

The Life of an Artisan

On my days off I also love to search for inspiration. Like I said, I usually do this by travelling and overall just being creative. You could say my mind is always occupied with designing. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. After all, an artisan should work hard to reach their goals. Even when we face problems or fail every now and then, we must stay strong and never lose confidence. I guess that would also be my advice for anyone aspiring to be an artisan. Well, that, and always keep smiling. Smiling tends to heal many things!

Discover More

Check out more of  Ishu’s creations at his online marketplace on Discovered. We would love to hear what you think about his story and beautifully designed home decor items! Share your thoughts with us and use #idiscovered or tag us using @dscvrd on Instagram or @discovered on Facebook.