Decorate your home with handmade Moroccan rugs

Moroccan interior

The story of Moroccan weaving began since the Berbers inhabited Morocco for centuries. Today, the major weaving groups of the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountains are Berber tribes. While remarkably diverse, Moroccan flatwoven and knotted pile rugs are almost without exception bold in color and lively in pattern. Each rug is unique, involves remarkable craftsmanship and has a high quality. So bring warmth into your home with handmade Moroccan rugs!

Handmade Moroccan rugs made by Moujahid

Artisan Moujahid from Morocco is born in Meknes and now lives in Marrakech. He got expertise in vintage rugs and wedding blankets as an assistant for six years to a famous rug merchant. Consequently, Moujahid formed a passion for textiles. Rather for carpets and vintage wedding blankets. Due to his passion Moujahid gained more experience in weaving. Monthly he travels in different parts of the mountain High and Middle Atlas to source the village rugs, vintage or old blankets directly.

Hence we have featured a few rugs for you. Maybe there’s something in here you like?

Kilim rug

First of all we have the Kilim rug. This is a Boucherouite rug. Most noteworthy is that these are made from recycled fabrics. And they are scrupulously selected by Maroccan women, woven and sewn together by hand. As a result these beautiful brightly colored patchwork is offered to you that reflects the generosity and all the gaiety of Morocco.

Since these carpets has such lovely colors they give energy to the room where you place the them.

Vintage rug

Furthermore we want to show you the Vintage rug. These are another Moroccan kilim carpet handmade with wool on wool. And these carpets have warm colors with unique patterns. Hence this design fits into every interior.

The Moroccan rugs have become “the rug of choice” for many interior designers as well as private consumers. They don’t have a long history but are most notable for their dynamic colorful modernist designs as well as for their strong sense of geometric structure (and abstract designs). Hence these oriental rugs give your living room a rustic vibe because of the colors and patterns.

Beni Ourain rug

Finally, one of our favorites, these Beni Ourain rugs has been in great demand since last year. Since the Beni Ourain tribe consists of several different Berber tribes some still dwell up among the Atlas Mountains and live on raising sheep. Therefore this rug is made of unparalleled sheep wool of the highest quality.

Black and white go very well with wood. And the blue and green carpets can be placed in a room where there comes in daylight. In conclusion this rug is a fantastic piece of art.