The House of Targaryen: Daenerys x Discovered

Daenerys Targaryen has quite the lengthy title. But could we please add Mother of Style to it? Over the years Dany has shown us many different looks; each one more stunning than the last. As an ode to the one and only Dragon Queen, we are highlighting a few artisans’ handcrafted items that compliment her unique style and personality extremely well. 

Gold-Plated Tribal Necklace

Matte Black Cutlery Set

We have to go way back for one of our favorite looks worn by Dany. The flowy blue dress with jewelry that looked like fine, golden armor was the perfect mix between feminine and masculine. This gold-plated tribal necklace reminds us exactly of the jewelry she wore during her classy ‘Blue Look’ era.

When Daenerys had to eat that raw horse heart, it wasn’t so much fashion as it was shocking. Still, it’s a look. And definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the Khaleesi. We don’t quite know if this matte, black cutlery set would make eating a horse heart any easier. But, at least you’d be eating it in style.

Brass Wire Upper-Arm Cuff

The Breaker of Chains donned a few cuffs of her own back in the day. This brass wire upper-arm cuff reminds us of those beautiful arm cuffs that were part of Dany’s dresses in the first season! When everybody very mistakenly thought that Daenerys was just a powerless young woman.

Leather Crossbody Bag

Silver Mother of Pearl Ring

This leather bag gives off some serious deserts and Dothraki vibes. It reminds us of one of Daenerys’ more rough styles. When she wears multiple layers of fabric mixed with leather, while walking aimlessly through the desert. Unlike that scene, this leather crossbody bag makes us so happy when we look at it. Because it’s the perfect blend between high-end and cool.

Well, what a convenient name. This stunning silver ‘Mother of Pearl’ ring looks exactly like the ring the Mother of Dragons famously dropped on the ground to leave tracks. But when you wear this gorgeous ring, please don’t leave it lying around somewhere. It’s simply too pretty!

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