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Kriti was born in Udaipur Rajasthan, India, 40 years ago. She loves the color blue, Mediterranean food and traveling. But, what she loves most is her family and designing colorful handcrafted jewelry. Read on to meet Kriti. 


First Contact


Thanks to my travels, I came across many different cultures. I found it fascinating that women of different backgrounds have such diverse ways of adorning themselves. Because of this, the urge to promote the art of Jaipur awakened inside of me.

I have always been fascinated by the art of handcrafted jewelry. But, I never got to actually be in the field until I got married. Many people in Jaipur have a long lineage in the craft and trade business, which is handed down from generation to generation. My husband is one of those people and his family has been designing and crafting jewelry for many years.  When I married him, I was exposed to the vast and enigmatic beauty of handcrafted jewelry. I would spend most of my time watching him and his family work. It was a delight to see. 

For quite some time I made designs and handcrafted jewelry with different color stones. My family and friends appreciated all of my designs and eventually their support encouraged me to open my own store. So, I opened an online marketplace on Discovered in 2017.


My Husband

Colorful Inspiration


When I craft, I love to play with different color stones. Not only to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but also to speak to different personalities. Most importantly, I want my handcrafted jewelry to bring joy, happiness and a smile on the wearers face.I love all the colors our beautiful world has to offer, and nature is my biggest inspiration. Nature has such an enigmatic beauty. I like to take the varied forms and colors and use them in my designs. That’s why my jewelry has so many colored stones. Moreover, I also use the beauty of flowers and leaves in my design. My customers are another major source of inspiration. They are my biggest asset and so is their feedback. Because, all the feedback I get teaches me something.

My Team

I design whenever inspiration kicks in, which means I can be busy with it anytime of the day. Usually, my day begins at the office, where I review the orders and new designs. I assign a different karigar to each order and new design. I do this, because each karigar is efficient in a particular kind of craftsmanship.

The rest of the day I upload new designs on the website and pack & send orders. Of course, my team helps me accomplish these daily tasks. Every now and then I go and buy gemstones for my jewelry. I gather my materials from karigars (craftsmen) or gemstone cutlers, who are the backbone of jewelry trade in Jaipur.  The biggest challenge I face during work is making sure that I buy from gemstone vendors who work on fair wages and adhere to strict no child labor policies only.

For Family


A part of my profit goes toward the welfare of my craftsmen’s families. In the next 5 years I hope my company is able to do even more for them because they are the real backbone of my company and give life to all my creations.

I love to spend a day off with my lovely children and loving husband. What I like to do most is get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Once in a while I escape to the countryside and spend the day relaxing, talking with my family, and going for walks. A day off means a day for and with my family.


My Children

Jaipur, India

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