Buffalo Horn Jewelry from Vietnam

Vietnamese horn jewelry

Trang Pham from Viet Nam is the founder of SaigonSpring and handcrafts beautiful jewelry for women. First of all, SaigonSpring offers bold jewelry and accessories, made by hand using natural horns of water buffaloes and lacquer. The horns come from the water buffaloes in Viet Nam, which have shedded naturally. Due to the unique beauty of buffalo horn jewelry she invokes courage, spirit and resilience in every woman. Every jewel that SaigonSpring makes is one of a kind. So be unique and have a look at their outstanding collection.

Vietnamese Jewelry

Trang Pham makes all her Vietnamese jewelry in Saigon. This city is known to be the Pearl of the Far East due to all the natural resources. As a result to revive Saigon’s nickname by sharing her most beautiful resources to the women in this world the name Saigon Spring was created.

Handmade Jewelry Sets

Look at this stunning handmade necklace. It gives me the feeling of inner peace due to the details of the tree and I’m sure that you will surely feel that when wearing this necklace. The earrings match with the necklace but they are pretty enough to wear with any other piece of jewelry. The bracelets express empowerment and you will feel powerful for sure while wearing them.

Natural white jewelry set

These handcrafted white pieces of jewelry are simple, classy and stunning. You can wear them all together or just one at the time. These natural tones match great with almost any color. It’s a stylish touch to your outfit. For example, this necklace can be worn as a statement piece and it can really complete a look. The earrings are perfect for wearing at a beach party; just a sarong dress, flipflops and these earrings and you’re ready to go!

5 tips on how to combine handmade jewelry from SaigonSpring

  • White or black flowy maxi dresses make a nice combination to all these jewels and make your look complete. If you are in search for that perfect party outfit think about a black or white lace dress to give you that extra umph.
  • The white bracelet or black earrings will be a nice addition to a pair of light colored skinny jeans, a basic top and a jaguar printed blazer.
  • When you wear big earrings wear your hair up for a chique look and if you want a more casual look wear it loose.
  • A black catsuit will complement the black jewelry best.
  • The black necklace will stand out with a pair of black flared pants a basic white tee and your hair up in a bun.

Experiment with these jewels, because they are so easy to pair with many clothing pieces. Discover what suits you best and create a style that’s comfortable for you! We just showed you a few pieces of their handmade & unique collection, have a look at the whole Saigon Spring collection. or take a look at other artisans from Vietnam. Happy discovering!