Back-to-School bags made by artisans

Back to school!

Since school will be starting again in two months we or our kids will be needing these back-to-school bags. We all know how hard the transition from hot summer to cold and wet autumn can be (even if you have been working the whole summer!). When we stop going to school and uni, there is still a psychological barrier between these two seasons. Throughout life there is always something new happening in September: new academic year, new job, new beginnings.

Seems like one thing that can support of all your beginnings is a new bag. For example, where will you put your laptop, notebook and lecture notes? Or your made-with-love lunch? Hence we discovered some great bags that would be perfect for everyone in any situation. Most noteworthy: these bags are designed and carefully created by the artisans from all over the world. These school bags can become the absolute most favorite item you buy in August.

Backpacks for every day

Probably these Back-to-School backpacks become our best friends, because we take them with us daily. Hence they have to be spacious and comfy, but they also need to look pretty. Since the backpacks from Thailand fulfill all those requirements check them out!

Stylish business bags

Due to the professional looks our jobs require from us our artisans also make business bags. Furthermore these bags are stylish and have enough space. Therefore check out these bags from Thailand, India and Indonesia!

Colorful school bags for kids

Finally we want to show you these bright and unusual Back-to-School bags from Thailand for kids. Almost every kid is exited for the start of a new school year. Most of all you can sweeten this moment up even more for them with these colorful bags. So your kid can start every day with a smile on the face when lookin at his/her bag (and show them off to their friends of course!).