Thai Silver Jewelry’s Rich Heritage

On Discovered you can find lots of beautiful jewelry. Most of the items are handmade, using traditional techniques that are passed from generation to generation. Because of this, the artisan jewelry on Discovered reflects the culture and tradition of the country where it’s made. Stories of Silver & Silk is one of the artisan corporations that creates beautiful artisan jewelry that reflects the Thai culture.

handmade traditional Thai Silver Jewelry with a modern look

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The aim of Stories of Silver & Silk is to preserve and protect the richness of Thailand’s craft heritage. Its founders, Lucija and Titapa, use their love for design and artistry to help the preservation of local knowledge and tradition, by giving unique artisans the opportunity to use their talent. Silver & Silk’s mission is to look beyond sole monetary profits and offer real and sustainable socio-economic solutions for Thailand’s local communities, all the while preserving their customary ways.

How do they do this? Stories of Silver & Silk work hand in hand with a number of different local rural artisans, allowing them to sell their creations directly to the customer. By buying their products on Discovered you do not only support the artisans responsible for the creation of the product, but also the rural Thai communities they live in.

On top of that, you buy unique handmade good with a special story. Be it silver of silk, all their artisan silver jewelry tells a story. It captures the identity of the artisan and connects the artisan and his or her product with the buyer.

Thai Silver Jewelry - Earrings

The artisans from Stories of Silver & Silk

The jewelry collection of Stories of Silver & Silk is made up of creations produced by the different rural Karen communities of the province of Lamphun, in Northern Thailand. The Karen are an ethnic group originally from Tibet. Their existence can be traced all the way back to 12th century. Through time they migrated to different parts of the globe: from China, to Burma and to North-Western Thailand. According to the Karen, silver brings peace and good health to those who wear it.

In the small village of Li, in Lamphun, when the crops are at rest, the Karen farmers turn to silversmiths. When the harvesting season is over and income is low, silver-making is the village’s new activity. This allows for a steady and sustainable source of income throughout the year.

Beautiful artisan jewelry from Stories of Silver & Silk

If you’re looking for a unique ring, necklace, bracelet or a pair of earring you certainly should check out the collection of Stories of Silver & Silk on Discovered. We’ve selected some of our favorites to show you!