5 x Handmade yoga bags we love

Dessert Rose Yoga mat

To-do lists and busy work color our daily existence. Yoga is becoming more popular every day as a way to reconnect with yourself in this stressful world. Officially, yoga is not exercise, it’s a way of being present. It’s a time to let go of to-do’s and stressful thoughts and focus on feeling the now. Because yoga is so popular, classes are full these days. You really have to be on time to get a yoga mat.

That’s why it’s great to practice yoga at home or, when you do go to the studio, to have your own mat. Walking around with your yoga mat on a string on your way to class, is annoying, cumbersome, and, let’s face it, a little bit boring. The good news is, there is a solution. Using handmade yoga bags makes your mat way less unwieldy to carry from home to practice. The secret bonus, you can find them in a variety of styles to suit your personality.

Unique handmade yoga bags for the Yoginista

Whatever your style is, these beautiful, handmade yoga bags from Veradashop in Thailand where made for fashionable yoginista’s.

Want to add more than a unique yoga mat carrier to your style?

Maybe you’re looking for a tribal yoga rug for at home yoga practice, or some colorful yoga straps to use in the studio? We also feature Desert Rose, arts & crafts Jordan with cool yoga products to practice in style.

Haven’t started a yoga practice yet?

Try out this short at home yoga practice from Yoga with Adrienne. You’re never too late to start this stress-releasing practice that’ll enhance your wellbeing.

When you get into the yoga groove, take a more extensive class at a yoga studio near you. The hardest part is to get onto the mat.

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