12 handmade souvenirs that didn’t fit in your suitcase

souvenirs with a story

Handmade souvenirs with a story! Souvenirs are certainly a memory of the country you visited. Almost everyone has had a likewise feeling. For example you are in an amazing far-away country and you probably enjoy every moment of your perfect vacation. But while it comes to an end you almost always want to bring home a souvenir that you found at the local market or shop. While the beginners buy magnets, almost all experienced travellers rather crave for something more authentic and preferably handmade. Besides that we know how bad it feels when you have to reject the beautiful artisan-made products almost every time. And that only due to the fact that you don’t have space in your suitcase or were afraid that they would damage on their way. For example, a beautiful lamp or a kettle, a hand-woven rug or a ceramic plate would definitely look beautiful in your living room but can hardly fit in your suitcase. Besides that, you know it’s really hard to please air companies these days … Therefore we created a list of the 10 beautiful handmade souvenirs from not only Africa but also from Asia that definitely wouldn’t fit in your suitcase but can be ordered on Discovered. Most noteworthy, all of them are created by talented artisans, who not only put their heart and soul in their creations, but besides that also support their community.

Beautiful kitchen decor from Asia

First of all, fill your kitchen cabinet with memories from your dazzling Indian trip and these handmade souvenirs in bright colors. India is certainly famous for its beautiful fabrics and bright colors and it seems like you rather would want to bring something covered with Indian intricate patterns home. So look for even more products from Vliving, MyArtandKraft, Mrinalika Jain and A Krazy Mug in our marketplace.

Unique souvenirs from Africa for your house

Finally, Interior of Africa, SISImbili and Moujahid are three artisans who make all kinds of stuff. Therefore turn your living room in a similarly African savannah rather with real handmade souvenirs. Most noteworthy is that they are made by artisans from Africa. Besides that their creativity is insane! Because these treasures fit in almost every home. Above all, there are even more products and artisans to discover in our marketplace.